• Use pydarkstar from the command line
  • Just run the scripts in the bin directory
  • See the advanced section if you want to create shell scripts
  • Set the options in the config.yaml file (see below)
  • Set your item prices in the items.csv file (see below)


# Windows

> cd "C:\path\to\pydarkstar\bin"
> "C:\path\to\python3" .\

# Linux

bash:~$ cd /path/to/pydarkstar/bin
bash:~$ ./


  • Parameters can be set in the config.yaml file
  • You should set your mysql parameters
  • Please do not edit source code files to configure your apps


# ah
name: Zissou          # Name that appears on AH when buying and selling

# basic
verbose: true         # ERROR, INFO, DEBUG in log file
silent: false         # ERROR

# input
data: ['items.csv']   # comma seperated list of CSV files

# output
stub: items           # output name when scrubbing
overwrite: false      # overwrite existing output?
backup: true          # backup existing output?

# sql
hostname:   # SQL parameter
database: dspdb       # SQL parameter
username: root        # SQL parameter
password: ????        # SQL parameter
fail: true            # fail on SQL database errors?

# broker/seller
restock: 3600         # seconds between selling

# broker/buyer
tick: 30              # seconds between buying

# scrub
itemids: []           # list of itemids to scrub
stock01: 5            # default stock01 when scrubbing
stock12: 5            # default stock12 when scrubbing
urls: []              # list of category urls to scrub

Item Database

  • Item data is stored in items.csv
  • items.csv is just a simple text file that you can edit with excel
  • The items.csv can be created with the scrub app
  • There is an already generated items.csv in the bin folder for you
  • You do not need to run the scrub app unless you want to recreate the database
  • You can change many properties be editing the items.csv. manually
column description value
itemid unique item id integer >=0
name item name string
sell01 sell single? 0=false 1=true
buy01 buy single? 0=false 1=true
price01 price for single integer >=1
stock01 restock count (single) integer >=0
rate01 buy rate (single) not used float 0 <= x <= 1
sell12 sell stack? 0=false 1=true
buy12 buy stack? 0=false 1=true
price12 price for stack integer >=1
stock12 restock count (stack) integer >=0
rate12 buy rate (stack) not used float 0 <= x <= 1


  • There are many apps
  • You will probably only use the broker app
app description
scrub download data from the web to create a database of items and prices
broker server that buys and sells items on the AH from players
buyer server that buys items on the AH from players
seller server that sells items on the AH to players
clear clear the AH of all transactions
refill fill the AH with items for sale and exit
alter alter the item database